Storyboard has been successfully merged by … not merging the storyboard. I just copy/pasted to replace a couple view controllers from one version in the other. Wasn’t so bad, but I still wish there was a way to actually merge.

How is there still no reliable way to merge storyboards in Xcode?

My WWDC Wishlist

  • New MacBook Pro with fixed keyboard & Face ID
  • CloudKit server-side code
  • Marzipan something something
  • Mac Pro announcement
  • Some love for Objective C or something that makes me feel Swift is finally worth it

Xcode 9.3 has been “Installing – 7 minutes” remaining for over an hour now. Should I continue to wait? ⏳?

Build to device over WiFi in Xcode is nice I guess. But it confuses me every time Xcode doesn’t switch the target device when I plug one in via USB and I build to the wrong device.