My iOS devices keep saturating upload bandwidth and bringing my internet to a crawl. QOS on the router doesn’t seem to help no matter how I configure it.

I have a hard time believing we won’t eventually get touch on a Mac just like we’ve gotten keyboard and stylus on iOS, bigger phones, different sized iPads etc. It doesn’t have to be a perfect experience to be useful for some users in some situations. I’d buy a touchscreen Mac.

Marzipan as a Path to ARM Based Macs

My WWDC Wishlist

  • New MacBook Pro with fixed keyboard & Face ID
  • CloudKit server-side code
  • Marzipan something something
  • Mac Pro announcement
  • Some love for Objective C or something that makes me feel Swift is finally worth it

I’ve decided I prefer Touch ID to Face ID. I can’t unlock Face ID without picking up my phone. My wife can’t use my Face ID. Face phone and swipe up to unlock is fiddly compared to touch and press home button. Face ID was fun and magical at first but that wears off.

There has got to be something better than shake to undo for iOS.

iPhone X is so aggressive about dimming the screen way too much. I constantly have to turn brightness up. Not so with old iPhone 6s Plus. I hesitate to turn off auto brightness because I’m slightly paranoid about OLED burn in. I turned off true tone though, bleh.

iOS & Mac devs: How are you highlighting markdown source in your app? Parsers like cmark are fast & reliable for output but don’t provide source map for highlight in editor. Regex isn’t my first choice and writing my own parser, I’d rather not. ?

Completely absurd.

Apple’s 30% tax on the App Store is increasingly absurd. Richest company in history, and it’s still taking 30% from your friendly neighborhood indie developers. @brentsimmonslink