Sometimes macOS Finder is taking several minutes to show new files. Trying to save another file with the same name says it already exists but Finder doesn’t show it yet. Not sure if it’s an APFS thing or High Sierra thing or what?

I’ve decided I prefer Touch ID to Face ID. I can’t unlock Face ID without picking up my phone. My wife can’t use my Face ID. Face phone and swipe up to unlock is fiddly compared to touch and press home button. Face ID was fun and magical at first but that wears off.

Xcode 9.3 has been “Installing – 7 minutes” remaining for over an hour now. Should I continue to wait? ⏳?

iOS 11.3 release is today. If you’re a developer and haven’t been using the betas you should be aware that building for iOS 11.3 requires Xcode 9.3 which requires macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

iOS 11.3 Coming Today

Skull on a stump

I moved my blog back to my own site running WordPress at I really like and I plan to stick around there for discussion etc. But I just want more control over my content and other aspects of my site.

Honey locust thorns

Little nest

Hazelnut catkins

Hazelnut catkins