Just helped my Mom order a MacBook Air. On one hand it seems like exactly the wrong time to be buying one. On the other she needs SD slot, USB-A, doesn’t care about retina and there are deals to be had on them right now.

I have a hard time believing we won’t eventually get touch on a Mac just like we’ve gotten keyboard and stylus on iOS, bigger phones, different sized iPads etc. It doesn’t have to be a perfect experience to be useful for some users in some situations. I’d buy a touchscreen Mac.

Marzipan as a Path to ARM Based Macs

I’ve decided I prefer Touch ID to Face ID. I can’t unlock Face ID without picking up my phone. My wife can’t use my Face ID. Face phone and swipe up to unlock is fiddly compared to touch and press home button. Face ID was fun and magical at first but that wears off.

Completely absurd.

Apple’s 30% tax on the App Store is increasingly absurd. Richest company in history, and it’s still taking 30% from your friendly neighborhood indie developers. @brentsimmonslink