Luna moth wet with rain

Storyboard has been successfully merged by … not merging the storyboard. I just copy/pasted to replace a couple view controllers from one version in the other. Wasn’t so bad, but I still wish there was a way to actually merge.

How is there still no reliable way to merge storyboards in Xcode?

On their own, my daughters have turned our house into a Star Wars themed escape room and invited all their cousins over for the day. Looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Got caught in the rain with a cart full of groceries. Totally soaked.

We just processed tomatoes from the garden. Ten quarts of juice in the freezer!

Transferring videos from my GoPro to my iPhone over the built in WiFi connection is sooo sloooow.

I have a hard time believing we won’t eventually get touch on a Mac just like we’ve gotten keyboard and stylus on iOS, bigger phones, different sized iPads etc. It doesn’t have to be a perfect experience to be useful for some users in some situations. I’d buy a touchscreen Mac.

Marzipan as a Path to ARM Based Macs